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Daasebre Dwamena – Obi Mpaso

Daasebre Gyamenah (Akan: Daasebrε Gyamena), was a Ghanaian highlife musician who became very popular for his hit album Kokooko (1999) which featured Lord Kenya. Kokooko was the first major fusion of hiplife and highlife in Ghana.[1]

He released an Album in the late 80s with no success. After spending time in various African states he returned to Ghana in 1992 only to make music 7 years later. Kokooko made him and Lord Kenya,who was featured on a song,gain huge success in Ghana and also among Ghanaians abroad. Many successful albums followed thus earning him one of his many nicknames ”

Hitman”.”Wo da enda”,”Ahoofe”,”Still I love you” are a few of his popular songs. Among youths and old, he is popular and beloved. Daasebre’s songs are mostly mid tempo and include many hip hop elements. He featured many hip life artists like none of his genre colleagues. A major element of his songs is the Akan way of storytelling by use of proverbs. His proverbs stood out from others due to his upbringing through his grandmother. These proverbs mostly summed up the message of his songs. In an interview he claimed to have experienced some of the stories in his songs with the exception of the love songs.

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In 2006 Daasebre took a flight from Ghana to London to work on his music. At Heathrow airport he was arrested by police. His luggage contained cocaine of which he claimed to have no clue of. Eleven months in prison had a big impact on him. He was never convicted of the crime due to facts suggesting he did no not know of the existence of the drugs. His following lead single for his next album “Saa Na Etee” was mainly about his arrest. He talked about it in songs like “Twaso” and “Gye Me”.

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His death in 2016 came at a time many Ghanaians musicians had died but his death was the most felt among all. As one part of his family were Muslim he should have received a Muslim burial but his other family refused. Their main reason was the fact he was of royal blood and should be buried as such. A long feud led to him been buried in December of that year, almost six months after his death. Many tributes to him followed after his death. “Kokooko” by Sarkodie and “Daasebre Gyamenah” by Daddy Lumba are two which have gained popularity.[2][3]

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Daasebre Dwamena – Obi Mpaso

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